Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Lost and Found

I'm a dreamer

Always have been

I have forever allowed myself to float away into a fantasy land and usually end up lost
I have been so wrapped up in my renovation dreams lately that it became depressive
My imagination has run away completely with the most amazing designs for my kitchen, bathroom, laundry.. well, the whole house actually
But the reality finally caught up to me and said 'hold up, how do you think you're going to afford all that cool stuff?'
And I tell you what, it knocked the wind right out of me
It shot me in the heart so hard I became a total grumpy bum (hard to believe, i know *sarcasm*)
I became snappy at Elvis (my boyfriend who thinks hes some kind of king)
I moped
I stopped reading, cooking, cleaning
 Today though, first proper day back at work after school holidays, my middle kid was feeling super poorly so we came home
It felt nice to be needed again!
So with him tucked in bed snoring like a chainsaw and my oven finallyyyy fixed after 2 months of waiting, I got off my sorry caboose and made lasagna 
Then I thought the after all the whinging I hid done about having no oven I should bake some kind of treats 
I kept it simple and made almond shortbread
Then I ventured outside
The air was perfect
A slight breeze, cool but not cold
It made me feel reminiscent of a time I cant actually remember but it must have been a happy time
Or content, at the least

I looked at my veggie garden for longer than 2 seconds and found big radishes, beetroots and carrots
New flowers
Blossoms cover a fruit tree that was gifted to me a few months ago, what fruit it will hopefully give is a mystery but I'm guessing toward pear..
When my old pooch passed away almost 3 years ago I planted a grapevine on his grave and this year we have an abundance of baby bunches
Thank you, Chopper, my heart ♡
I just needed to stop thinking
Stop dreaming so much
And slow the jeepers down!
I am so grateful for all that I have and it's a shame i seem to get into a sulky funk before I truly realize it
Any tips on how to stop myself getting to that point??
I am off to search for new recipes to try now that my oven is back in action

I made my first hummingbird cake the day the oven was fixed, oh nyummy!
I'd love to see your garden, flowers and vege
Inspire me but dont let me run away in my imagination too far ;)

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