Sunday, September 16, 2018

It Is What It Is

I was just sitting on my front step watching the almost last of the afternoon sun casting through the garden.
Changing the shades of green, shadowing some leaves while highlighting others. 
The midgies (tiny flying bugs) flitter around.
They looked so pretty in the sunbeams, dancing above my rose bushes (more like sticks) and white alysiums.
I wanted to take a picture but doubted a photo would do the pure whimsy any justice.
I didn't have my phone on me to take one anyway.
Some things are just meant to be enjoyed in the moment.
It doesn't have to be recorded, you dont even have to remember it, just as long as it makes you feel something in that moment, that's all that matters. 
I needed that moment to break me from the other thoughts I've been having.

I've just bought my house.
Half of it was already mine but Ive bought out the other share.
So while this is an amazing milestone for me, I'm now faced with the stress of trying to do all the renovations I have in mind. 
Where to start?
What should I prioritize?
Did I make a mistake in buying?
Which child should I sell to get some money to get started? (I am kidding!!)
So while I am so proud of myself for achieving this on my own, I am really feeling the weight of the future that I now will tackle on my own.  Theres a saying that I came to quite dislike, and probably because of how often it rings true.
'It is what it is'
So while my hair turns even greyer and my worry lines get deeper, I need to focus on the good stuff.
I have not just a house, a home!
I have a safe place for my children to grow up in.
Somewhere they can always come back to any time in life.
This poor old roof has protected us from storms for the most of 11 years. The walls hidden us from the scary world. It has kept us safe, warm, and together.

It is what it is.
It is home.

*I popped in some pictures I've been wanting to share for a few weeks*

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Night Colours..

It was another of those moments when I just need to get some air.

To breathe and assess things without overthinking.

I overthink too much, not as much as I once did though, but it creates a lot bigger problems than the ones I actually face/ed.

So while taking in the crisp air that smelled of smoke from the neighbour's fireplaces and staring longingly to the sky in hopes of spotting a satellite or shooting star, or maybe even some answers I desperately need, I was brought back to Earth by my garden.

The tulip bed caught my eye.

Even tucked away for the night, their colors are so vibrant.

Petals like silk.

I will share some daylight photos another time.

I'm going to make like the tulips and put myself to bed.