Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hello, Sunshine!

As much as I love the rain and a bit of a storm, I am very happy to have a sunshiny day!

The clothesline is full of clothes, giving the dryer a rest. Thank goodness for that, I'm not looking forward to my power bill, eek!

All the windows in the house are open, letting the fresh air flow in on the breeze.

The bees are super~busy working at the nectarine tree. Hopefully we get a good haul from it this season. Last year we got about half a dozen good sized fruits, not bad for its 5th year and battling some neglect and bird bombardment! Not to mention my sneaky old pooch (no longer walking the Earth 😔) stealing the fruit straight off the tree!
He was a funny thing. I caught him eating strawberries from their vines, and pinching apples ever~so~gently from the hands of my unsuspecting boys! One day I noticed my large but very green and unripe squash were gone from their vine! I had no clue where they had vanished to, it was a complete mystery! Then that afternoon while I was wandering, still wondering, I happened to see a fresh pile of doggy~sick on the lawn made up mostly of unripe squash!
He didn't learn.

Anyhoo, I planted the first tomato seedling of the season, a Roma. Hopefully I'm not getting too ahead of myself with there still being a few weeks of winter left. A new (2nd) carrot crop went in today too. I used seed tape which seemed best for the space they were going. When the cabbages finish up I will plant a 3rd lot of carrots in their place, using loose seed.

I plucked all the chillies from the 2 plants we have had for 2-3 years and ripped the plants to make way for the artichokes when they arrive. I'll replant some new chilli bushes in an unfenced part of the garden because I know my naughty chookadores wont touch them.

The chooks have leveled my silverbeets and the ducks refuse to let me grow mint. Argh! It's a frustrating battle.

What happenings are going on in your bit of Earth?
Do your pets sneakily steal your nyummy fruits and veg too?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Surprise Treasures


I'm attempting my first post from my phone so it's taking a while for me to figure it all out and will probably look untidy but bear with me please :)

It is still cold and rainy here but not as much.
My little punks are home with me again and I can let myself relax.
I popped outside during a break in the rain over the weekend and found some treasures!
Treasures to me, maybe not to others, but let me share anyway :)

The first daffodil for the season.
It's very short but oh so pretty!

Quite a handful of eggs, dont worry, I didn't drop any.. this time!
I love it when the chookadores give back, it's been a while as it has been so chilly they went on strike!

I made a casserole for dinner (again, don't worry, it wasn't chicken) and was able to get a good harvest from the garden to fill the pot!
I put so much heart into my garden so it's nice to get rewarded with such nyummies!

What is the weather doing where you are?
What sort of treasures do you find in your garden?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Wintery Days

Oh my goodness!
Hooly dooly!
Jeepers creepers!
And all the other expressions along those lines!
It. Is. Cold!
Winter has been quite bearable this year, only having 3 or so days of around 12 degrees
But yesterday did not reach over 8 degrees, it has been raining, hailing, and wiiiiiindy and today is much the same
I know I said I love a storm but my babies are due to arrive home on a plane tonight and I'm worried with this weather they might not be able to
And I cannot stand the thought of not having them with me so my emotions are all over the place

So what to do to calm my heart and mind until they are home and hide away from this weather?
Have a Lethal Weapon marathon and continue with 'The Ugliest Blanket In The World'!

I used that name when I started making this blanket about 6 or 7 years ago, because I didn't think it conformed to the neat and tidy, uniform and coordinated coloured standards of blankets and throws I had seen in magazines
But now I am wiser and have realized my style will never be that of magazine quality
Not the average ones anyway :)
So now I am dubbing it 'my gypsy blanket'

I intended to use all my leftover bits and pieces of wool from other projects and have also specifically bought a few balls, mainly from our local discount stores
All the random colours, doubled up to make it extra thick and comforting, so good!
Some lines or patches telling stories or representing things
Like the black and orange Halloween clusters..

I lurve this red and wish I had more to make a thick scarf for myself

Hazelnut latte anyone?
Decaf for me please!

This purple!
That teal!
I'm sure that red, black and white and a certain football teams colours, don't ask me which though

Bits of chenille, oh so snuggly

No uniform, no blending

Just fun and interesting

Some of these wools were given to me by my Nanna when I was 11ish, just learning to crochet but they were textures or colours that didn't appeal to me so they sat tucked away until this beautiful beast began and now they have a life, purpose and add sentiment to this project

I am so grateful to have been taught this old craft
It helped me through anxiety issues I have had for most of my life
I can wrap myself up in the process of weaving strands and feel protected from the world

This is the biggest blanket I have ever made
It covers the top of my bed but I want it to drape down the sides
I had hoped to use it this winter but I didn't get there
I will keep going along, doing bits and pieces when I need to escape or if I just feel like it
And hopefully next winter it will be the perfect accent to my bedroom

So off I go to try and do more and more rows during this wild windy weather and count down the hours and minutes until I see my not~so~little babies

Happy Sunday <3

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Oh Rainy Day

My day started like most others
I resisted my alarm for a little bit but actually hit snooze this time
I never have before. I cant bear the guilt
After what seemed like 5 seconds the annoying tune (but least annoying tune on option) rang out again
I didn't dare shoosh it twice!

I laid for a bit longer, probably with a nasty scowl on my face, cursing the dark, cold morning for arriving an hour or so before I was ready

Up I get, flicking on the kettle as I wrap myself up snug in my moss green robe. Mess of hair, socks and scowl all that is visible as I tromp from room to room, opening all the curtains to invite inside what daylight there was

Making my honeycomb hot chocolate involved a mishap
A few un~bloggable words rolled too easily through my mind and my scowl got even deeper
Everyone knows the saying about spilled milk
I didn't cry about it but I'd be lying if I said it didn't shh me off!
Moving forward and trying not to be a sourpuss (I can sometimes be Miss Brightside), I wondered if this spill somehow held some knowledge about what my future had is store for me, like tea leaves in the bottom of a cup..
What can you see?
Any prophecies??
All I can see is the Flintstones pet, Dino!
Or maybe from a different angle it looks like Scratt from Ice Age.. see it? The bubble is his eye and he is sniffing out my hot choc!

But sooking aside, I got myself and my 3 stooges ready for work/school, and it turned out to be a not~so~bad day
Just after I finished work a big front blew over and dropped quite a bit of rain on us
Great for the farmers
Great for my garden
Great for the weeds which I will have to tend to over the weekend
I love this little raindrop falling into the wagon

More drops
Lots of drops!
I do love the rain *swoon*
It washes away, well.. everything!
I think it is soul cleansing
All the negativity being stripped off, cleaned down, washed away..
Those yucky feelings you get from a certain yucky someone all disappear when I can watch the clouds roll in and the droplets start to fall
Its metaphoric and literal!

Big drops resting on one of my cabbage heads

And teeny ones on the broccoli babies

Balancing on the clothesline like little stars
Until my high messy bun gets stuck in the line as I walk underneath and end up wearing most of it!

I crave a storm
I need thunder and a bit of lightning
I love to sit in a safe place and watch the sky light up purple and blue with cracks of cloud~drums rumbling over the rooftop

Do you like the rain?
And storms?
It must have been good for my soul..
My scowl has gone ;)


Ps ~ It stormed last night before I posted this
Thunder boomed
Lightning lit up the room like camera flashes
The rain came down hard
It even hailed!
Be still, my heart