Saturday, July 28, 2018

Petals & Purpose

Have you had the time lately to stop for a moment and breathe?
To actually look around you..
And take everything in?
The world seems to be moving faster than ever and we forget to stop ourselves.
We are allowed to stop you know ;)
Lately I have slowed right down.
I dont know if its because I allowed myself or if I became so exhausted.
But I slowed, and began to notice things around me that I hadn't seen for what seems like years.
It's amazing what there is to be found if we just stop and look.

I planted Snowdrops years ago and only yesterday I noticed how they have multiplied!
When we slow down it gives all our senses a chance to catch up and we can really appreciate the moment.

I'm hearing birds agin.
I'm glad they still visit after I had to severely lop most of my trees.
I'm smelling the freshness in the air.
The damp soil after the rains we've had soak the earth.
The smell of thick grass as it crunches under my feet.

I had forgotten about my faaavourite times of the day!
I call it the golden hour, when the sun is just rising or setting over my patch of earth.
It transforms the garden into a beautiful glowing space.
The yellow and orange sunlight twinkles through the leaves and bounces off flowers.

And what makes these times even more special is that they are the quietest times of the day.
There is still noise but it's less.

The morning golden hour I watch through my window as I sip a hot cup of tea (or a yummy hot chocolate ~ I think I'm addicted).
And just breathe.
Waking up.
Getting ready for the day.
And the evenings golden hour I enjoy from the front step, usually playing with my skittish cat.
The last of the sunrays washing over me.
Letting me know I survived another day.
That's important to me.
I've faced some nasty times lately and when the golden hour shows me the day is almost done I can relax knowing I made it through.
I can do this.
I can.
You can.
There is purpose to slowing down and taking in the moments.
Allow yourself.
Life will still be there.
All the chores, work, even the kids.
It took me a while to believe it myself but now I take just that little bit of time, I can breathe easier, things taste better, I'm motivated and happy again.
These are baby steps but we can do it.

I'm off to make some pancakes for my hungry family.
Happy Sunday <3