Sunday, December 2, 2018

Summery Sunshine

The first day of Summer included wind, rain and warm clothes.
Fine by me, I don't handle the heat so well so let's just ease into it.
The second day of Summer was beautifully sunny and warm, though still a bit windy but we live on the coast so there's not much avoiding it.
I tried by tucking myself away in a corner of the yard under the grapevine.
I'm currently reading the fourth book in the Miss Peregrine series by Ransom Riggs, 'Map of Days'.
The last book I read was 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett and I am now obsessed with it and it's film. Honestly, the best book I have read in a very long time! I gave a copy too Elvis' mum and she said the same thing!
So I defs recommend you find yourself a copy and watch the movie too, but after you've read the book ;)
I started off rushing to get through 'A Map of Days' because I am so consumed by 'The Help' I wanted to re-read it but am now absorbed into the adventures of the Peculiar Children again. They are a great series.

I was stung by a bee last Wednesday.
I'm not allergic but I had the most severe reaction I've ever had which was scary but also funny.
Luckily the sting was on the foot otherwise it would not have been funny and perhaps I wouldn't even be typing this post.
I was on the phone to Elvis while he was at work. I am not one of those people who can sit still while on the phone, I wander about the house or garden, as I did this particular call.
I had just taken two barefooted steps on the back lawn and holy bajeebus the pain!
I knew immediately it was a bee but the pain was incredible!
I started hopping about literally yelling "ow ow ow ow!, trying to shake the still attached bee from my foot.
Elvis went into panic mode, yelling ('coz that helps!)..
Me: A BEE!!
Elvis: WHERE?!
So while still being chastised I hopped to the bathroom to scrape the stinger out with tweezers (not sure when the bee left the scene).
It's funny now but I couldn't believe my rotten luck for just happening to be on the phone when it happened. Elvis is always at me for not wearing shoes. Come on, it's my house and garden, there's no prickles and I dodge the duck poo blindfolded ;)
I sent myself to the couch for the afternoon to rest but the pain was shocking, I almost cried!
By the evening my foot was swelling, redness spreading and the pain so bad I could no longer put any pressure on it. I tried to ice it and even a cold flannel but the pressure from them hurt beyond belief.
My boys were amazing though, they stepped up and did extra chores to help me out and even assisted me as a pair of crutches so I could get to the toilet and brush my teeth.
The next day the pain was better but oh boy had my foot swollen up!
I limped into work hoping I could just do a half day as I know they are strapped for relief workers at this time of year.
They took on look at my foot and sent me home.
My friend I work with was caring but found my new 'cankle' hilarious and enjoyed herself while telling other coworkers that I had developed Elephantitis!
So funny ;)
It is still swollen today, four days later, but aside from itchiness it's ok.
My last beesting (on the pinky) swelled quite badly too, so I'm a bit worried I am developing a mild allergy.
Let's just hope that any more stings I may get are nowhere near my face or neck!

I enjoyed the sunshine today and actually being able to walk properly.
I hadn't done anything around the house because of the sting so I've got a fair way through my book.
So it was super nice to pick some veggies for dinner.

Nothing like some buttered carrots, silverbeet and broad beans sautéed in seasonings, mashed tatoes and meatloaf with a bbq glaze.
Yesterday's pavlova for sweets ❤

I received some bad news regarding my Dad on Wednesday evening.
I mentioned in my last (?) post that we had only just regained contact and put our differences aside because his health isn't too good..
I don't want to go into detail, I haven't wanted to talk about it at all, to anyone.
Despite our disagreements and stubbornness, I can't imagine life knowing my father wont answer the phone should I call.
On Tuesday night he took a bad turn.
Mum convinced him to go to the hospital by Wednesday evening and he was flown to the city for treatment.
I don't know the extent of his illnesses or the injury sustained.
I feel out of the loop because I don't live either in the town he lives or the city he is hospitalized in.
I'm terrified he won't be going home.
But I can't think like that.
I'm trying to keep busy so I don't have time to think like that.

So while Elvis is working such long days I get my snuggles from my boys and this booful girl.
And comfort foods ;)

Don't tell Elvis I let her on the bed ❤❤❤

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Treasures Galore!

I was super lucky to be gifted some amazing treasures recently.
Elvis' parents live out of town and are selling their property here so invited me over to see if I'd like any quirky garden decorations.

I scooted out there as soon as I finished work and instantly fell in love with their old lantern collection, which is now my old lantern collection!
I feel like the luckiest person on the planet!
I'm a simple girl ;)

I have hung a couple up and placed some amongst the garden so they will be a nice little surprise when they catch the eye of visitors.

I really love the cute handle on this one, though I have no idea what it's for.
I should look into that so I can pretend to be knowledgeable while explaining these things to said visitors. 

This is an oldy that I've had for a few years. I guess now that I have more than one I can call it a collection, right?
Hiding in the nasturtium.
Love love love!

I think they are just so whimsical and charming.
And how awesome that their glass is still intact!

Such detail remains through the rust. I really adore this type of thing.
I visited my parents over the weekend (a pretty monumental thing as we had a very off relationship but peace has been made and it feels like all is well with the world - well the most it has for me in yeeeearssss anyway), their yard is also full of very cool rustic treasures like these. Like a mini-pickers heaven! I started making a pile of things I planned to bring home but for some reason Dad started putting them back! I did make out with a couple of pieces of white iron lace I plan to age somehow or paint for my front porch, and some signs for my collection. If I find a discarded sign during a bushwalk etc. I give it a new home on my chook house. I will take some pics for another post, another day.

Amongst the beautiful rust, the dahlias are blooming.
The dark red ones have developed a bit of light edges with a dark red strip in the middle, normal??
Pretty, nonetheless.
 Much like this sunset! I feel so blessed to see such amazing skies in my little piece of suburbia.

I have some more exciting news to share..
I have a charm bracelet that I bought for myself about 3 years ago with intentions of not just putting pretty charms on it, but things that when I look at it will remind me who I am, how far I've come, and what's important to me.
I added my sixth charm yesterday.. a little cottage to symbolize my home.
This little house that I have been making our home for the last 11 years just yesterday became officially mine alone. YAY!!
I already owned half but have now bought the other half (well, the bank helped so I won't quit my job any time soon) so this means security, stability, peace, a forever home for my kids even after they grow up and move on, and something to pass onto them.
It's not much but it's all we need.
So yes, after nearly 6 months it was finished yesterday. Settled. Finalized. Done and dusted! :D

I better get back to this little home though and put some order back into the kitchen after the chaos that was dinner cooking.
What are you having tonight?
I NEED to start forcing myself to have breakfast in the mornings. I went to an appointment this morning and was quite embarrassed at how loudly my tummy was grumbling!
I was told it sounded like Godzilla was in there.
Um.. thanks?
Breakfast ideas?!

We had this super-awesome storm the other day!
There was thunder! And lightning!
My heart!!
I played in it for a while until I realized it probably wasn't a very safe idea.

Ok! I'm really going now! Toodles! ❤❤❤