Friday, September 18, 2020

Busy Little Bee

Is it just me or is September a pretty hectic time of the year?
There doesn't seem to be much more on the schedule than usual but everything is a kind of maelstrom.
Hmm, maybe just me.

The weekend is again upon us, hooray! For the last two weekends I have put my energy into the garden, being a busy little bee, raking, mowing, edging, pruning, planting and all other yard maintenance business.
The poppy's have rocketed up and blasting flowers all over!

I neeeeed to focus on the inside of my little house this weekend though.
I have been buying books from op shops like there's no tomorrow and have piles and piles all over the house, which I LOVE, but clutter is NOT good for me.
So today I will do some organising and hopefully squeeze in some time to plant some broad bean seeds.
They will go not far from my lone surviving sweet pea vine.

I got a very exciting parcel in the mail last week.
I ummed and ahhed for months.
I watched countless tutorials and read so many reviews, then finally decided to invest.
I treated myself to a tin of Derwent Inktense blocks!!

Oh ma goodnesssss!!
They are so amazing to work with.
I am so pleased I took the plunge.
I have 2 tins of their pencils but the blocks make certain projects and segments so much easier and better quality.

I promptly made a colour swatch chart for guidance as the colours are completely different once activated (wet). 
Above is dry...

And this is activated!
So vibrant and... inktense!
I'm currently working on a project a friend requested using my new tools and loving it so far.

Another friend gifted me a beautiful wooden easel to encourage me with my creative release so I did this feather zentangle up to thank her. Feathers are very symbolic to her and she has 3 sons, so it fits.

Complete with my signature sparkly clouds.

And this one I did for another friend who has also been super supportive of my art venture. The triple moon symbolises the maiden, mother and crone. The 4 feathers represents her children.

Everything has been getting sparkly clouds!

I am feeling more like myself than I have in a long time.
I have rediscovered my passions for art, gardening, jigsaw puzzles and crochet.

And speaking of crochet, I had two delicious yarn packs arrive in the mail this week.
One is the dahlia blanket I made earlier in the year, I'll keep this one though.
The colours just make everything feel so happy and warm.
And the other is a pack to create a rainbow zigzag ripple blanket designed by and for Son3.
I have a seat cover to finish before I start them though, pics will follow.

Now to get all this done I need to start by getting up out of bed.
But its so nice watching the sky brighten up with the sun rising, the different shades of green leaves floating back and forth on the breeze, and listening to the birds.

Ok, ok, I'm getting up ;)
The weekend awaits!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Medicine for the Soul

Yesterday morning I woke up thinking it was a work day.
When I realised it was that delightful day we call Saturday, I snuggled deeper into my pillows and blanket, probably with a hint of a smile on my face.
I dont know how it happened but my thoughts went directly to drawing.
Ideas were rolling casually through my sleepy mind, and all of a sudden..
I had the most amazing, exciting idea of what to draw!

Suddenly I was wide awake.
My heart going a mile a minute.
I was actually excited.
I dont remember the last time I felt so electrified!
So up I got and started digging through my art supplies.
I thought the best place to start my new project would be making sure I have everything I need in order, ready to go.
I use Copic Sketch markers and am (over)due some refills, so did a test of all the markers, making a list of what refills I need ~ roll on payday!
I need to restock my basic equipment, like sketch pencils and erasers.
I really let things slide over the years.
While I was head first, elbow deep in my supply box I was making piles.. 
All colouring pencils in one, final paper in another, watercolour paints over there, expired masking fluid (not sure why I felt the need to sniff the contents first) and rock solid clay to the bin.

I came across some drawings that were dated in 2015 but I'd not finished. 
While I wait to replenish supplies and not wanting to lose this motivated buzz, I set to work on them!
I started a series of bottle girls years ago.
A faerie encased in a glass bottle, each labeled with a different emotion.
I finally finished this one yesterday but forgot in all my excitement to take a photo at the end.

This picture meant a lot to me when I began it 5 years ago.
Finishing the colouring yesterday was medicine for my soul. 
I would often look at it, half done, but would tuck it back away inside a sketch book for another day.
I based this drawing on Mary and Dickon from The Secret Garden.
Looking at it now, my mind swirls with ideas I could've added to it.
But I love that I finally did it. 
And i can put those ideas to other projects.

Another drawing that was half done, 5 years tucked away was my confrontation of Duchess Ravenwaves and Lady Lovely Locks. 
I loved the show as a kid, and as much as I preferred the kind, sweet nature of Lovely Locks, Ravenwaves had the hair for me.

I am feeling a lot more like my old self.
Who'da thunk that all it would take would be the smell of the wood of watercolour pencils, the feel of fresh, crisp heavyweight paper, the jangle and rattle of Copics going in and out of their case, seeing the colours bleeding out of a paintbrush, and a cup of sweet tea.

Oh, Universe, thank you for bringing me back!


P.s. ~ Im still reading lots! Ive started writing the books I've read in a list to share at the end of the year (lists are theraputic to my anxiety). 
Currently on my bedside table is Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov.