Monday, March 4, 2019

What title could I possibly give this post?

A month ago I received the worst phone call of my life.

My Dad had gone.

My world became, is, and always will be hollow and broken.
I'm sure time will make it hurt less but my heart will never heal.

I will carry regret like the weight of the world for the rest of days.
I wish so hard that I could turn back time and not argue or hold grudges, or that we could've made peace with each other much sooner than we did.
I wish I could tell him the words ' I'm sorry', even though he knew I was, and I know he was.
It's too late for wishes.

We had three wonderful final months.
We texted almost every day.
We spoke on the phone at least once a week.
We were looking forward to visiting each other.
That's what's important now.
And that I be the best person I can be, learned from these lessons.

I'm trying to get myself together.
I'm trying to breathe.
This will take time. 

I found one of my favourite songs sung by my all time favourite musician.

I will think of Dad every time I hear it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Around The Garden Path

Oh, Summer, you got me!
I am really not coping with the heat, I feel like I am an embarrassment to Australia!
Roll on Winter!

But before Winter does get here we are making the most of the gardens' givings.

The blackberry bush is having it's first successful year.
I gave it a heavy prune up at the end of winter and it has just exploded with new growth and gifting gobs of berries!
I have learnt the hard way to be patient with them though, the longer on the bush, the sweeter and softer and nyummier they are!

The zucchini vines were looking very mildewy which made me think they might not live, but we have picked some giant zucchs!
I've been hiding them in spaghetti sauces and chocolate zucchini brownies.

I've never been a big fan of capsicum but in the spirit of trying to eat healthier and take better care of myself, I've been using them.

I've finally had some success with chives.
Who ever said they were the easiest thing to grow??
The flowers are so pretty, like fluffy pom-poms.

The tomatoes have not faired so well this season.
Some have literally stewed inside their skin on the hot days (a downright gross surprise when you don't realise and try to pick) which has attracted icky flies, and the birds have helped themselves too!
I don't mind sharing but they haven't left much for us humans.
I netted the nectarine tree to prevent loss to birds this season, and had a very small amount of fruit.
When they were soft enough to harvest I found them half eaten by ants!

Carrots have been a reliable treat over the last few years and I hope it continues.
We rotate our crops, so don't plant root veg in the same space in consecutive seasons.

The Kangaroo Paws have flourished again and the birds love flitting about, collecting nectar.
I'm never quick enough to get pictures though.

Another big beetroot haul.
I pickled them as always, this time diced in to chunks for salads.
I need to get another crop in and will make slices as I've just used my last jar. 

I gave a basket of goodies to my sister-in-law.
I love having enough to share with friends and knowing how appreciated it is, is a great feeling.

I was sneaky enough to snap these little monkeys outside my bedroom window.
Can you see the two having a little kiss? Cute!

I could watch them for hours, playing and darting about.

These little birds are such gentle creatures.
Their voices are not so gentle, especially when the whole flock pays your garden a visit!
But it's a treat that they choose my garden along their travels.
I have two birdbaths for them to drink from and splash about in.
I hope to one day soon install a large feeding station for them too.

I made cornbread for the first time last week.
I was so nervous as I'd never made it before and the batter was runny like a cake, rather than a bread dough.

But it was delicious!
I read it's best to have honey over cornbread but this was our side to go with my first crack at jumalaya - which surprisingly turned out well too - so it was just smothered with butter, mm mm!

Holidays are almost over, one week to go, then back into the busy routine.
I am looking forward to routine again but not sure I'm ready to go back, but its been long enough I guess.
I feel like for all the time off I've actually achieved nothing.
I did specifically want downtime but I also wanted to get things done.
I painted the lounge room ceiling which seems to have given the room a new, clean feel.
And I painted the front picket fence.
I'm excited about that project.
I have a vision of a black picket fence with three non-fruiting plum trees behind it (dark purple leaves, beautiful with the sun shining through, that drop the leaves and cover in tiny pink blossoms), and small dark green shrubs underneath, I'm unsure what variety yet.
But I'm looking forward to the privacy it will give, not to mention depth and change.

Do you have a favourite garden feature?

Have you seen a really clever bird feeding station design?

What have you been cooking/baking?
What's for dinner tonight?

What's the weather like in your bit of Earth?